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next scenery???
Hello..... and the next secenery is?........ PUNTA CANA PLEASE!!!

[Image: 211501316017253.jpg]


Already done recently by Aviation Multimedia Studios:
Aviation Multimedia done MMUN....Cancún airport in Mexico

The photo is Punta Cana in Dominican Republic, MDPC.

So i would a remake

Ooops - sorry I misread the name!
Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in replying here. We are very very busy with the new airport we expect to release this month. It's in the northern hemisphere, in the west, yet in the northeast. Go figure  :-X

It will be announced hopefully next weekend with some screens.

As for Punta Cana, we are the ones who made a previous version and we will have a remake of it as our last version for Punta Cana is now nearly 5 years old and does not match up to our current design standards. Punta Cana and Puerto Placa are 2 airports in the Dominican Republic we wish to make in 2012.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
ok thanks....

maybe usa airport?
Please make the beach of Punta Cana detailed with the Hotels visible along the coast.  Having a detailed airport on the barren edge of an island doesn't work in FS9 nor FSX.  It would be nice to see virtually for once what the fuss is about with this area as many of us have never been there.  The resort coast of Punta Cana is not that large but the surronding area of the is very important to included with a detailed airport.  We for once in FS9/FSX need the full feel of going to Punta Cana.  A big Thanks is in order for considering doing this airport again.  Smile
Hi guys,

Jon... announcement coming this week.

Dillon, that is pretty much the plan, like we did with St. Thomas which also has some nice stuff around.


Can't wait for the new Punta Cana Airport!! Also, i would love if you guys could take a look at Samana El Catey Intl Airport in the Dom Republic aswell. It seems to be growing and gaining significant traffic flow every year since the airport opened in 06. I would love to see it done TropicalSim style Big Grin

That is a very nice airport with a nice beach landing, but we cannot say for sure now. The next time we hit the Dom Rep will probably be for Puerto Plata first. Then we'll see about El Catey, but thanks for the tip. We'll keep a note of it.



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