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Other Azores packs?
The truth is that we have not forgotten the project of the Azores.
We are still waiting.
How's the project?
When other airports will be available?

Thank you.
Hi  Smile
Neither we have forgotten The Azores either.

I posted here, that, after 4 consecutive airports from the Azores (Sta.Maria, Pico, Corvo and Ponta Delgada) we needed to have a break on the sequence, turn back for other projects we already have on schedule, execute them, and on the right time, be back to the Azores.
Not just for the other projects, but because it's hard to keep working on just one place or country for the long time needed to make 9 airports like those.

We have never made 4 airports in sequence for any other region before, like we have done at the Azores, and we could not just ignore other projects we already had here, even understanding the wishes of Portuguese and Azorean users, to have all 9 airports asap on their simulators.

Let's go to the facts:
- The Azores project took a considerable time to be started, by mid year, and I remember that there were comments that time, the we would never start it, or that we were not trusted to even start it... all for impatience and/or willing to have the Azores airports as soon as possible, what is perfectly understandable. Anyway, we have started it at the right moment, and I think users are having fun flying what they already have from The Azores.

- Airports on high places close to the sea, like Corvo, Ponta Delgada, Flores, have an extreme problem to be retracted in proper ways in FS9. Take FSX, and multiply this problem for 3. Of course that can be solved, as it was, but demands a very extra amount of time and work that makes a simple project like Corvo lasts too long on the project boards. Too long for it's size. And the next 4 Azorean airports will be exactly of this kind: small airports, but very close to the sea, on an elevated coasts. There was no way to be dedicated to this kind of project on this time of the year, when a big hub airport claims it's turn to be released by December. This is normal year-end procedure, see Bilbao last year.
This is when we have a big project finished, in order to have some days during January to spent with our families, on small vacations, resting from a full year of releases, like was this 2011.

- We had a commercial deal to finish and release Cibao by mid-year, and Tirana project (that took almost 3 months of hard work) was already on schedule. Both projects were done and released as planed. Now, for the end of the year, we have been working on another project that was schedule too, a very big and important airport, to close the year.

This is why we are not having Azores news for some time. But the continuity of the project was never questioned among us. Next year will bring the airports still missing on The Azores; maybe Lajes will be the last one, maybe not.
Let's wait to see, as this is the biggest and most important airport there. It was not used as the last project of this year just for it's complexity, size and number of structures. We would never finish it on time to be released by mid December.

My best regards,
Carlos Pereira.

Thank you very much for such detailed explanation.
I understand the difficulties you may have the development of airports in the Azores.
Good luck with the job.
We look forward to the release of the same.

Thank you.

First of all I want to congratulate the whole team that is conducting this project, the photos are fantastic as I could see, congratulations, not yet purchased the four airports that you have already available because I want buy all together as it will be more cheap, in the second I would like to inform tha I live in São Jorge island and the actual airport is nearing completion, I do not know if the team needs more updated photos? the lighting was completed very recently and still only got a picture with little quality but I can try to get something if they want? if you need anything let me know!
Sorry for my english!


Vítor Ávila
São Jorge - Azores
Dear Folks at Tropical Sim.

Its is with extreme dessapointment that i find the Azores project dead in the water !!!! Is this another TITANIC?

Don't worry the Azores project is safe. Flores airport is being done in parallel with other projects.

Best Regards,

For when the next Azores preview?


We should have some more news on the Azores next month, or September at the latest. We recently release two consecutive Azorean airports, we are just giving attention to other parts of our "routes" for a couple of releases and we'll go back to the Azores.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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